The online casino trend is nothing new, and if anything, it’s only growing in popularity. In fact, here in the UK when it comes to gambling, statistics show that the online form of it is the most popular. What this means for players is that there are plenty of exciting sites to check out, all of which are vying for their loyalty. As a new player, you are often greeted with casino welcome bonuses that can act as that extra incentive to draw you in.

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So what kinds of welcome bonuses should you be on the lookout for, are they worth it, and what will you need to do on your end in order to get those bonuses? Let’s take a closer look.

The Various Types of Bonuses

As you check out the different online casinos and get to know them a little better, one thing you may notice is the wide variety of welcome bonuses they offer. While each is just that – a bonus – they aren’t all equal. It can be helpful to understand what these bonuses mean to your game so you can figure out which are the best for your playing style.

One of the most popular types of welcome bonuses is free spins. The way this works is that you are given a specified amount of spins, and of course the hope is that at least some of those spins end up paying off.Other types of bonuses include cash deposits that may match your deposit, or match it up to a certain amount. Again, the idea is that extra cash will allow you to keep playing that much longer since your original deposit can stretch further.

What Will be Required on Your End?

Of course, along with these welcome bonuses you are expected to fill requirements on your end. Typically the casino will ask you to register with an account before you can collect any type of welcome bonus. Outside of that you may also be required to make an initial deposit in your account before you qualify for the bonus.

This is where reading the fine print is an absolute must. The welcome bonuses are always displayed front and centre, but it’s up to you to take a closer look and see what is really involved in obtaining that bonus.

How to Wade Through the Bonuses

As you’ll notice,these online casinos tend to have a wide variety of games, which means it may come down to picking which casino offers the best bonus for your playing style. Sites like Slots Calendar are able to round-up various welcome bonuses and display them in one spot so you can compare them. It also provides players with access codes if the bonus requires one.

A Perfect Incentive for the Newbies Out There

The welcome bonus for new players is an excellent incentive for those out there who are new to online casinos who are feeling a bit unsure. It’s a way that you can stretch your initial deposit, play more, and get that much better of an experience.

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